HSA seminar presentation

HSA seminar

LabCup participated in the ‘Use Chemicals Safely’ seminar in Galway organised by the Health and Safety Authority (HSA) on the 25th of May. There were about a hundred participants, the room was full. It was very well organised with plenty of informational material available and the talks were really amazing: clear, effective and informative!

Caroline Walsh gave a great overview on classification, labelling and packaging (CLP) requirements. This talk gave a good background and demonstrated the many important changes that have happened lately for hazard classification and hazard communication.

Sinead McMickan’s talk concentrated on actually finding the necessary information on chemicals focusing on REACH, the CLP and the safety data sheet (SDS) that have to be available for any commercial chemical.

Michelle Mc Dermott’s highly effective presentation discussed the legal (Chemical Agents Regulation 2001 which give legal effect to Council Directive 98/24/EC in Ireland) and practical side of chemical agents risk assessments. She presented some shocking and good examples in an engaging, visual and interactive way!

Jean Shannon finally closed the seminar with a talk on the transportation of dangerous goods. She was talking about the classification, labelling, packaging, documentation and the role of Dangerous Goods Safety Advisers (DGSAs) and most importantly how to determine if your company needs one.

We can highly recommend participating in such events, as you can learn a lot and gives a good overview and good opportunity to ask the experts in the field if you have any question. After the talks, and even during the coffee breaks, there were plenty of time for questions and answers (and the coffee was good too)!

We were very happy to take part, thanks to the people at HSA for making it happen!

Watch out for more from the Irish HSA at http://hsa.ie/eng/News_Events_Media/ !