Upgrade to equipment booking!

A big upgrade has been released on the equipment booking/inventory module, allowing complete control over booking (time, costs, access rights), training requirements, maintenance/servicing and report generation, calibration records and report generation, issue reporting (!) We would like to hear your feedback!

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Major upgrade

Dear LabCup Community, We are happy to announce the release of version 14/9/16 of LabCup. If you are not already on 14/9/16 or newer (you can see your current version on the 'About LabCup' page), you can update to the latest version simply by refreshing the LabCup window. The new LabCup brings many enhancements and features to [...]

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LabCup mobile apps

Hi All, We have just released the LabCup chemical inventory mobile applications! The LabCup app is available now for Android on Google Play™ as well as for iPhone & iPad in the Apple Store™. It is absolutely free to LabCup users so please feel free to install it and make good use of it! After [...]

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Structure Search Integration

I am happy to announce that the structure search has been updated recently in LabCup! We added some great new features: -structure highlighting, which makes it much easier to see what you are looking for, -chirality filter: filter your hits by matching the query structure's, -exact (structure) match: if you have too many hits, click [...]

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