LabCup’s chemical inventory module provides complete chemical tracking across an institution

This includes everything from using chemicals within the lab, Safety Officer oversight, SDS management, chemical waste disposal and more.

Every chemical is uniquely tracked by barcode/ID.
As much information as possible is automatically sourced for each chemical, including all synonyms, structure, SDS, hazard info etc. All this information is used throughout the system, to improve user experience and automate as much processes as possible, for example by pulling chemical information into risk assessment/COSHH forms, or in providing live emergency information to fire crews

In the lab – simple chemical management

In the lab, the key is to simply be able to find your chemicals instantly – and then LabCup automates everything else!

All chemical data is automatically sourced by the system and is always available

Chemicals are easily shared between groups and across the campus, cutting costs and creating a more sustainable environment

Chemical search
SDS Management

Safety Officer, compliance reporting, and campus oversight

The “Safety Officer” account gives the responsible person(s) complete oversight of the building, department, or entire campus. It allows them to search by any parameter, and map hazards on digital floorplans

Safety officer oversight

Chemical waste disposal – ADR packaging

LabCup’s chemical waste disposal module allows for a more efficient chemical disposal process, with advanced planning of packages and potential savings of up to 90%

For disposal staff

Disposal staff or outside contractors can see what needs to be disposed of, and from where

Advance planning of packaging

Waste packages are planned in advance across the entire campus

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