Privacy & User Access Rights

Data privacy is strictly controlled in LabCup: the group is the owner and any inventory data is private until it is specifically shared!

Data privacy
Laboratory Chemical Inventory Software Access Rights

Data Security

Your data is secured by industrial standard strong encryption on the server. Also, the end-to-end communication between the server and the client browser is encrypted by TLS and secure communication is always enforced.

To proactively protect your data we regularly complete third party penetration tests, security assessments and invest heavily into IT security and compliance.

Our latest (2020) penetration test and code review are conducted by the market leader Ernst & Young. The report is available for our contracted clients.

To facilitate the communication on IT security with our partners, we regularly take part in third-party cyber risk management programs as CyberGrx or Prevalent (H-ISAC-2.1.2).

Cyber Essentials is a UK Government-backed, industry-supported scheme to help organisations protect themselves against common online threats. The Cyber Essentials Scheme contains a self-assessment and a technical audit process to ensure the high level of IT security at LabCup.
Data Security
Ernst & Young mark
CyberGRX mark
Prevalent mark
cyberessentials certification mark
cyberessentials plus certification mark

Backup of your data

Your data is backed up automatically backed up on a daily basis, with no action required on your part. However, if you also wish to save your data in addition to the automatic backup, then you can always export your inventory database and save it on your computer. Your data is yours and we don’t lock you in! The user always owns their data, LabCup simply provides a way for that data to be managed and stored. The backed up data is also AES256 encrypted for the highest data protection and stored on a remote server, within the region as required by data protection regulations.


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