LabCup has a huge amount of functionality based around increasing safety, minimising risk, and providing instant access to emergency information and hazard tracking


LabCup automatically sources and pulls in safety and hazard information on all chemicals. This is used throughout the system, including  the below applications:

Emergency response

In times of emergency, it is vital that emergency response teams know exactly what hazards are on campus – otherwise they can not deal with the incident

LabCup provides fire crews with live information on what hazards are present across campus, and in what quantities. This can be accessed via the cloud before they even arrive on campus – allowing them to immediately enter the area and deal with the situation

Just click on the floorplan, on the area of interest to access the necessary information

Emergency response

Hazard tracking

LabCup provides live tracking of where hazards are located across the campus. The “Safety Officer” account provides oversight of the full department/building/campus – allowing the responsible person to search for various hazards etc.

LabCup automatically pulls in all the hazard information from each chemical’s Safety Data Sheet

Digital floorplans can give a visual of what hazards are located in each laboratory

NEW: You can set your own warning levels and thresholds for the floorplan based on total quantity or quantity per area for any chemical hazard. You can even choose number of levels and their colours.

Laboratory Chemical Inventory- Hazard Tracking- GHS

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