Photo intake

Input chemicals by photo

LabCups image recognition feature recognises products

Laboratory Chemical Inventory Software -SDS parsing

Auto-sourcing and parsing of SDS and all chemical info

Digital floorplans for live emergency info

Asset Management Software- Equipment booking and maintenance

Complete Equipment booking and Asset management module

Welcome to LabCup

The complete chemical inventory software and laboratory management enterprise system for  industry and research universities

LabCup provides complete laboratory and research institution software management systems. From full chemical inventory software, risk assessment/COSHH, equipment booking and asset inventory, to live emergency information, LabCup covers a huge range of functionality.

LabCup is fully modular, users can choose which modules they require, and is cloud based so available on any device.

Designed for the users, to minimise administration and automate procedures – LabCup automatically pulls in chemical data (SDS, GHS, all synonyms, structure, emergency information, and much more) – and this is all used throughout the system, with every chemical and item on the system tracked uniquely by barcode/ID.

Multiple processes (including COSHH risk assessment, equipment and room bookings, training records, digital fire registry, purchasing, radioactives, and much more) can all be handled through LabCup.

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LabCup was designed with a simple principle in mind:

Give the user a tool to make their life easier, and automate everything else around it

Whether the user is a lab researcher, a safety officer, an equipment manager, or anyone else involved in running an institution, LabCup provides functions and tools to make their lives easier.

Whether that’s by inputting chemicals by picture (no-one likes to type!), a simple and powerful booking tool, or providing up to the minute hazard information for for safety officers, LabCup minimises administration, and puts as much as possible through one system and one familiar interface.


LabCup provide a long term culture change in how institutions are run, by creating cutting edge software that shapes how universities and businesses are run for the better

What others say about LabCup

We recently began implementing LabCup to replace spreadsheets for tracking and inventory of chemicals in our labs.  We have found the LabCup system intuitive and easy to use.   Of particular benefit is that the system is web browser/cloud based, meaning there are no concerns about installing additional software and we can access the inventory from any existing PC.  Additional hardware – label printer, scanner, camera – were provided at competitive cost by LabCup as part of the package.  LabCup have worked closely with us to address queries about how best to implement the system; the level of support cannot be faulted.  We expect the system will save us considerable time and money by eliminating the many shortcomings of our previous approach.

Alan Ayling, Life Scientific Ltd

We have been using the LabCup system in our laboratory since September. As a Senior Technical Officer with responsibility for a large number of chemicals,  I have found LabCup to be invaluable.

It’s a further tool for keeping track of outgoing stock, incoming stock and stock for disposal.

It has also proved to be a great time saver as chemicals can now be located at the touch of a button.

It is a very easy system to navigate so perfect for any technophobes!!

I would certainly recommend it.

Rhona Prendergast, Trinity College Dublin

We have been using LabCup laboratory inventory technology since 2014 first as a pilot scheme with full role out summer 2016.   The LabCup technology offers us a broader service beyond just tracking chemical products held by the various departments in our School.  It has provided us with a complete regulatory compliance and chemical verification solution, connecting all parties within our laboratory inventory chain. In addition we already see and expect significant savings by eliminating duplicate Chemical purchase amount the various departments in our School.

Ray Keaveny, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Panoz Institute, Trinity College Dublin

Greener and more efficient already: